Speak Easy

What...is VoIP?
It's simple - Digivox allows you to speak easy over the internet at very low cost. Digivox delivers the best telephone systems for SMB's (small to medium size businesses) at small prices. At a time when professionalism is key, Digivox supplies you with a host of professional features to ensure that all of your telecoms needs are met; leaving you free to continue to grow your business.

Why...That's Easy
Cost savings, simplicity, professional features, no cabinet full of technology - need we go on? Now that the digital age is upon us, it's is no longer necessary to host and maintain a room full of expensive... telecoms equipment. A Digivox system can grow as you do and can be simply unplugged and moved when you outgrow your office. Speak easily and freely!

Who...are Digivox?
The main thing you need to know about Digivox is that we are real people with a real commitment to providing SMB's with the best possible VoIP service. You may have guessed that we're straight talkers so if you have any questions... Contact us on 1-888 DIGIVOX and start enjoying those professional features and cost savings now!

Speak Small - 500 mins Monthly $24.95
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Welcome to Digivox. We are a VoIP phone service provider offering VoIP solutions for small business. Digivox business class VoIP allows you talk over the Internet and provides a low cost alternative to local business phone service. We deliver the best hosted PBX services for small to medium size businesses at affordable prices and with quality equipment and the best professional service in the industry.

There is no need to invest in expensive equipment with our hosted PBX solutions. The Digivox virtual PBX service is designed to grow with your business. In the event that your business moves to a new location, your hosted PBX phone system can easily be unplugged, moved to your new location and connected easily in your new office with no hassle.

Making the switch to hosted virtual PBX for your business telephone service is easy when you choose Digivox. Once you contact us with the best time to call, we will contact you to help you set up your account in minutes. Select the Unified Communication Systems that best fits your needs and well will open your account and order your hardware. Once the hardware arrives, we offer assistance to help you configure your system and make the switch to a business VoIP solution easy and convenient.

If you are looking for IP phone service providers, please browse our website to learn more about our VoIP business phone service. We are committed to helping you discover cost saving solutions for your business communications. We welcome your questions and will answer them as quickly as possible. Please contact us today for answers to your questions and start saving money with Digivox.